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The major conservation project for the Winged Victory of Samothrace began in September 2013. Help the Louvre restore this masterpiece to its former glory!

Discovered in Samothrace in 1863, this spectacular work of Greek sculpture depicts the messenger goddess of victory ending her flight on the bow of a boat.

The purpose of the conservation project is to improve the assembly of the monument, clean the different marbles used in its creation, integrate fragments that have been in storage and renovate the stairs that showcase the monument.

The Louvre needs your help! 
Another million euros are still required to bring the project to fruition.
Become a patron and help us move this project forward: your donation, regardless of the amount, will make a difference.

My donors

Donation by Patrizia Cattaneo on 30/12/2013
25 €
Anonymous donation on 30/12/2013
5 €
Donation by Silvia Save on 30/12/2013
20 €
Anonymous donation on 30/12/2013
15 €
Iniziativa sostenuta anche dal Club Unesco di Alessandria, di cui sono Segretario Generale.

Donation by Massimo Carcione on 24/12/2013
50 €
Donation by Dina Fiori on 24/12/2013
5 €
Donation by Marta D'Onofrio on 24/12/2013
20 €
Donation by Corrado Bonadeo on 24/12/2013
10 €
Donation by Roberta Riccio on 15/12/2013
10 €
Anche la Delegazione FAI di Alessandria è lieta di partecipare a questa importante iniziativa!

Donation by Delegazione FAI Alessandria on 11/12/2013
50 €
Donation by Mirella D'Annunzio on 10/12/2013
20 €
Donation by Massimo Brusasco on 10/12/2013
10 €
Donation by Angela Gandini on 09/12/2013
20 €
Donation by augusto buscaglia on 27/11/2013
60 €
Anonymous donation on 24/11/2013
5 €
Anonymous donation on 22/11/2013
5 €
Donation by Stefano Ettore on 19/11/2013
20 €
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